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17 Σεπ 2008

World blackout

Worldwide darkness: On September 17th 2008, from 21:50 hours to 22:00 hours in the local time of your country.

The proposal is to turn off all lights and as many electrical appliances as possible, to give our planet a "breather".If participation is overwhelming, the energy saving may be huge. Just shut everything down for ten minutes, to see what happens.Ten minutes of darkness. Light a candle, look at the flame and breath, together with the planet.Remember: unity is power. The internet can thus be enormously powerful - and even more than that.Spread the word, if you have friends abroad, please forward this message to them.

Impact of Global Warming:
* An increase in the number and size of fires, resulting in the loss of thousands of hectares per year
* Increased melting of Glaciers and consequently of sea level
* Reduction of the ozone layer
* An increase in average temperatures
* Loss of productivity of crops
* Increased Mortality
* Extinction of species
* Increased virulence of natural phenomena
* Reduction in productivity of marine waters, and therefore, for fisheries
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