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31 Ιουλ 2008

Get a job you lazy new-age Simple Plan listening emo hippie

You're just a shit

Think you've got it real bad?
Always acting so sad,
Bitching and complaining to all

I hear you cry yourself to sleep
With all the other sheep,
I feel awfully bad for you
With everything that you have been through

And then I think:

You're just a shit
You're a teen and caucasian
You're just a shit
Not of the gay persuasion
No one in your family was brought here by slave ship
So who's been persecuting you?
You're white.

You should meet my buddy Jack
Who's off fighting in Iraq
Dodging mortars and RPGs
Or I could tell you about his dad, who,
While in Dien Bien Phu,
Lost his leg and part of his 'nads.
But I'm sure he's sympathetic to you

And he would say:

You're just a shit
Your dad bought you a hummer
You're just a shit
I almost died in the summer
I've lived in a foxhole
With rats, mice, and fleas while
Gangrene had a party with me.

Starving kids in Africa all sharing a rice grain
Set up a charity for you
You with your iPod, MySpace and cellphone
Tell me again
About the time you got a splinter

You're just a shit
With your big house and big dog
You're just a shit
Now log off of your damn blog
Take off your makeup, and take out both your tampons
Get up off your ass and you'll see...

Get a job you lazy new-age Simple Plan listening emo hippie.
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