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15 Σεπ 2006

Friday evening and..

..Im sitting here writing and studing.
It is a lovely autumn night.I find myself quite anxious and unsettled.
Feeling like something terrible is just beginning to happen,
and it's only going to get worse. My feelings have seasons that make absolutely no sense to me.
I know what it is.Fear..Yes fear.
Influencing so much of what I do,how I think,how I feel.
It has been three years since I felt like that .When I heard bad news.My time on this planet was running out.I was angry and frighten.
Many times I heard a voice inside me saying "You can beat me, but you can never own my soul.."And somehow being able to say this and truly believe this,kept me alive.
Memories I will never forget although I want to.

After those years I have been living under the spell of a blessing.
I never stopped believing in the power of my soul,every soul.
Possitive thinking is the key.I have come to realize that all the experiences and challenges that seemed at times impossible, were all a part of who I am today.
I truly love my life,my friends who are always there for me ,they stand by me . Ι am grateful for each day.
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